With this service, farmers can maintain their financial records(sales, expenses, EMI payments) documents and workers details such as supervisors and field workers, Resource (equipment) inventory, the Task list of workers which shows upcoming, pending, in-progress and completed task in one place.

zManager forms farmer database with unique user-id for every farmer, along with procurement schedules and procurement information. It is helpful to decrease your data management concern at the various level of agribusiness.


With zManager farmer can have a privilege of access data information anywhere, anytime whether data resides on a central server on theweb.

You can use the zManager service from the device and virtually access your entire farm database and reports remotely.

This enables many farm organizations to utilize the same system simply and provides helpful monitoring facilities to manage the farm even if you’re traveling.


zManager manages all aspects of fresh manufacture cultivation and farming.

You can record each and every minute activity information that helps you generate user-friendly and auditor reports.

zManager provides the ability to track performance, retrieve this information and export it to utilizable reports will assist your agribusiness the edge it requires. Lets our system help you do all these things!

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